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3 Apps You Should Not Miss on Your Android Device This 2020

Owning a smartphone device makes it easy for you to access a wide range of things. The internet has simplified so many things and made the world a tiny place. You can communicate easily with people from other parts of the world. This is possible through texts, calls, voice notes, and even video calls. Smartphones have also made payments easier and reduced the risk of walking around with cash. You can make your payments online. The other good thing about smartphones is that you can stay updated on events taking place in different parts of the continent. You don’t have to rely on mainstream news outlets to stay updated on the daily happenings.

To access certain features or services using your smartphone, you have to download an application that supports them. There are so many apps you will come across in the different mobile application stores. These apps run on an operating system found on different smartphones. The most popular smartphone operating systems we have at the moment include Android and iOS. Some work well on Android and others iOS. You will find some that run on both.

Android is the most popular smartphone operating system at the moment with over 2.3 billion users from different corners of the globe compared to iOS, which has less than a billion users. Google owned Android has over 2.5 million apps in its Play Store app downloading platform. You can also download these apps from other third party sources like APK platforms. Apps from the Google Play Store are the best and cannot subject your device to any risk. New apps are being developed each day, and it is best to try them out to have a look at what they have to offer. Here are some apps you should not miss on your Android device this year.


If you love taking or sharing photos, then this is a great app to download on your Android device. It is a perfect alternative to the default camera on your device. The quality of your photos largely depends on your default camera. However, you can use different apps with features that help enhance the quality of the photos you take. Pixtica is the best when it comes to this. It comes with several features like manual controls, over 20 filters, panorama hyper-lapse, and a GIF recorder. The app is free and available on Play Store. You may be required to pay to access certain features. 

Google Pay

It is another excellent app for those who perform online transactions most of the time. We are in a digital age where you don’t have to struggle or risk walking around with cash. Google Pay has made it easier for you to make your payments online. You have to download and link it with your card number before carrying out different transactions. There is no need to worry when using the Google Pay app because they have put everything in place to ensure your transactions and details are secure. 


Hulu is a great app for those who love getting entertained and staying updated on different things that are happening in the world while on the move. You can stream TV shows and catch some of the latest movies and music videos using this app. The app has a library full of old and most recent movies and series. Everything is in high resolution, and this may depend on your internet speeds. You can even link it to your smart TV. You should try out these apps for the best experience with your smartphone.