Apowersoft Tools That Offer the Best Multimedia Solutions

At a time when almost everything is going digital, it is important to move with the latest trends if you want to stay relevant. This applies mostly to businesses and those who their main work involves interacting with online users. The use of digital media in pushing several campaigns has become common over the recent years. This is mainly because most individuals or companies do it in a bid to capture a broad online audience.

You should look for the right tools that will help you create the best content to reach out to a broader audience. Apowersoft is one company that has a variety of multimedia tools or software that can be used for business and personal needs. There are some with browser functionality, while others can be downloaded as mobile apps. Most Apowersoft online multimedia tools come with a free trial version which you can later upgrade by subscribing to different packages.

Some of the products they have in store include Apowersoft video downloader, Apowersoft phone manager, screen recorders, converters, audio, and video recorders. Apowersoft was started by a software company based in Hong Kong. It has grown over the years, adding new multimedia tools to their collection and reaching out to different countries. Let us have a look at the different software from Apowersoft you can use for your personal or business needs.


Also referred to as the Apowersoft phone manager, it makes it easy for you to manage a wide variety of things on your phone. It lets you organize and back up some of your contacts from another device with minimal challenges. You can also import and export media files from your devices. Previewing them on your desktop or laptop will be much easier when you use this file manager. Using this app, you will have the perfect view of your files and documents because of how they are organized. You should download the ApowerManager on your devices to have a smooth time managing your files and several other things. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Apowersoft phone manager

Video Downloader

The internet is one of the best places to get the kind of entertainment you need. You will come across several video sharing and streaming sites with content that will keep you entertained. There are times you may want to download such videos and watch offline. Apowersoft video downloader is one of the best tools to use in such an instance. It makes you download all your videos smoothly. The other thing that makes it stand out is that you can convert your videos to the kind of format you need for your viewing. You will have your Apowersoft download within a short while, and in the format you need.

Apowersoft download

Watermark Remover

It is another product from the company that is ideal for those who love downloading and sharing content online. You will come across images or videos that have been watermarked. Sharing them in such a manner can be difficult at times because you will be slapped with a copyright claim. The watermark remover by Apowersoft makes it easy for you to get rid of all the distinguishing marks.

Streaming Audio Recorder

This is one tool that has proved to be of great significance to music lovers. It lets you record audio from different music streaming sites which you can listen to later on. You can get your audio output in various formats you want. Some of the popular ones you will get when you use Apowersoft online audio recorder include MP3, WMA, AAC, and FLAC. You should download the app to get high-quality audio downloads on your device.

Apowersoft online audio recorder

Screen Recording

Screen recording is vital for those who want to record several things on their browser. It is trusted by many compared to screenshots which many believe can be doctored. You can also use this screen recording tool when making tutorials from your PC. The Apowersoft online screen recorder is one tool you can use in such a scenario. It lets you record the contents on your screen just by a click before it is saved to your device. You can share the recorded content to your intended audience later on.

Apowersoft online screen recorder

PDF Converter

The introduction of smartphones has also made it easy to share and create documents. This has brought about an increased level of convenience to many. You can now type your assignment or any other thing on your phone and send it to others. One of the most preferred formats of sharing is PDF because it is easy to read. It will also be difficult for someone to edit your document if it’s in this format. The PDF converter by Apowersoft is one of the best to use. You can convert a PDF file to several other formats like PPT, TXT, Word, PNG, and Excel. You will find formats available for all platforms.


Locking your phone is essential for privacy and safety purposes. Nobody will have access to your device and the confidential content you have in it. However, there are times you might lock your phone and forgot the passcode or pattern used to unlock. ApowerUnlock is one of the best tools you can use to unlock your device. It is specifically meant for iPhone and iPad users. You can unlock these devices anytime you want using this tool. Some of the things it helps you to unlock on these devices include passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, and Apple ID. How about you try these Apowersoft tools and enjoy their benefits.