Using an App in Dark Mode

Benefits of Using an App in Dark Mode

The average human spends about 60% of their time on their mobile phones each day. Much of it is spent going through different apps and making calls. There is a wide range of apps that can make you become a slave of your phone. Social networking apps are some of them. This is because of the kind of interaction and entertainment you get from using them. Video-sharing apps like YouTube have also proved to be addictive for many because of the type of content you access when you visit the sites.

Most of these apps have a dark theme option which gives users a different experience using them. Others like Whatsapp are yet to introduce them. Instagram has recently introduced this feature, but it is only limited to phones that run on iOS 13 and Android 10. For apps that are yet to switch to a dark mode, you can download their third party versions or modifications which come with extra features, the dark theme being one of them. Using these apps in dark mode can benefit you in so many ways which include:

Reduced Straining

Apps with a white background tend to strain your eyes more compared to those with a white one. It can be more devastating if the brightness of your device is high. Your eyes might be affected, and you will end up suffering from conditions such as shortsightedness or partial blindness. Try out the dark theme in different applications you are using to keep your eyes healthy.


The dark theme in most mobile apps is more attractive compared to the usual bright or white background. A brighter theme is common or default in most apps, and many are used to that. Trying out something different in a dark theme will help you enjoy the attractiveness that comes with it.

Saves You Battery

Switching to the dark theme on different apps you are using on your device helps to save your battery life. Brighter apps or those that have a white background tend to use more screen energy which can be seen through the rate at which your battery is draining. Using the dark theme will help ensure less energy is used, and you will save more battery.

Improved Sleep

This is another health benefit you get to enjoy when you use your apps in dark mode. Browsing at night with the brighter mode on can affect the release of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. Getting to sleep on time will be much difficult, and you will even have insomnia. You should switch your apps to a dark theme to avoid experiencing sleep deprivation that may have a toll on your general well-being.

Enhanced Readability

It does not apply to all but those who have a difficult time reading on a white background. A higher percentage of people have an easy time reading on bright mode. However, others can strain when reading on the same. The dark mode or theme turns out to be the best because it promotes easy readability for them. They will not strain too much because most of the words are in white and the background in a dark mode. Switching to a dark theme on some apps is a simple process. Some have the option on their menu while others like the latest Instagram version require you to do it on your device, and they will adapt to the changes automatically. All you have to do is go to your phone’s settings and turn dark mode one. Currently, this is available on iOS 13 and Android 10 devices only. You should switch to dark mode on your apps and enjoy the benefits.