Digital Wellbeing Apps

Best Digital Wellbeing Apps

The internet age has come with its advantages and disadvantages. There is a wide range of things and services you can access online. You can make payments anytime you want and from any place of your comfort. Communication and accessing entertainment has also been made easier, thanks to the internet. The main disadvantage brought about by the introduction of the internet is that most people spend much of their time online.

Digital Wellbeing Apps

You can take a digital detox that will see you avoid the internet or certain apps on your device for a while. Some apps have been developed to monitor one’s digital wellbeing. This is the time you spend online or interact with technology. Such apps can help you understand how much time you spend on the internet and the applications you visit most on your device. Using digital wellbeing apps can help you manage the time you spend online appropriately.

Risks of Spending Too Much Time Online

Spending much of your time online can affect you in several ways which include:

Less Productivity

You will become less productive when you spend much of your time on the internet. This is because you cannot carry out other regular activities as usual. There is a lot of content that can capture much of your attention in the interwebs, and this will see you spend minimal time on productive work.

Promotes Laziness

Spending much of your time on the internet can encourage laziness. You will find yourself ignoring other responsibilities like cleaning your house or even utensils. Completing other tasks at your workplace will also be difficult as a result of the laziness brought about by spending much of your time online.

Health Dangers

Using much of your daily time to browse the internet subjects you to different health risks. This is because you will always be in a static position, and there are no physical activities you will be engaging in during that period. You can limit your time on the internet to stay free from such.

Digital Wellbeing Apps to Download

The following are some of the best digital wellbeing apps to download on your smartphone.


It is an excellent digital wellbeing application with a screen timer helper. ActionDash gives you a detailed report of your daily internet usage. This makes it easy for you to understand the time you spend online or interact with technology. It is powerful, and you can customize it for your Android device. You should download this app to monitor your digital wellbeing.


This is another digital wellbeing app that can help you understand the time you spend on your mobile phone or how long your screen has been on during a specific day. You will also know the apps you use most during a specific day or period using Tracky. Other unique features you will come across when using this app is its ability to track the number of times you unlock your screen or the periods your screen is turned on. This can help you manage your internet usage.


Digitox helps to track your phone usage and also digital wellbeing. It gives you detailed information of the apps you use most daily and the amount of time you spend on each. If you have set time limits for different apps, then it will show you the minutes you have exceeded when using the app. You will also know if you have spent fewer minutes on the specific app. Using digital wellbeing apps helps you understand where your biggest problem lies, and you will take the right measures to limit your internet usage.