Citrix Receiver download

Citrix Receiver Download for Windows

The Citrix Receiver Download is a software that is easy to install, and it can benefit you or an organization is so many ways. Citrix Receiver is a software that provides a secure connection to an online desktop, server, or other apps through a client device. This is essential if you plan to work from home because you can use your PC to connect to your organization’s virtual desktop and access several things. The company’s virtual desktop regulates what should be copied or transferred, which makes the whole process more secure. You are able to access all your essential documents and programs using this software.  Downloading the Citrix Receiver Software will help you enjoy the whole experience.

Citrix Receiver download
Citrix Receiver download

How to Download and Install Citrix Receiver on Your Windows PC

Installing the Citrix Receiver on your Windows PC or laptop is a simple process. Here is how you should go about it.

Download It

The first step is downloading the Citrix Receiver from their website. You should visit their official website One thing you need to understand is that the Citrix Workspace App replaced Citrix Receiver at the beginning of August 2018. They both work the same and will help you out in your desktop needs. You will come across the Citrix Workspace App whenever you search for Citrix Receiver at the moment. However, those who wish to use the older versions can find them from various sources. After doing your search, you should click ‘Download for Windows’ option before proceeding to the next page where you will click ‘Download Citrix Workspace app for Windows’ or ‘Download Citrix Receiver for Windows’ depending on the version you are downloading. Remember to uninstall old versions from your PC and accept the license agreement before proceeding. Your download will start in a short while.


It is the next procedure once you have finished downloading your file. You should open the downloaded file to begin your installation. Launch the program by clicking ‘Run’ on the prompt that appears on the screen. Allow the application to make changes to your computer by clicking ‘yes’ on the prompt that appears on your screen. You should then click ‘start’ and tick the license agreement box before proceeding to install. The installation process will take a few minutes before everything is complete. There are times you will be required to restart your computer to finish up with the installation process after which you open it and continue with your set up.

Setting Up

This is the phase where you are required to add an account. Your server address or work email address are required for you to proceed in such a scenario. If you don’t have one, then you can create a new Citrix account ID or organization ID through their site. Go to and click on create account option to finish up with the whole process. You will be required to carry out a search when creating a partner account. This is to establish whether the records of a specific company exist. If it does not exist, then you should proceed to create one by filling in the required fields. You can now log in with the selected username and password. Standard and custom setups are the two types you can try. The standard configuration is ideal because it determines the plugins you can use to link up to your resources. You should proceed to configure the app. After that, you are now able to connect to your organization’s desktop and access the resources. The download and installation procedure is this simple.