Instagram Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Instagram Problems and How to Fix Them

The most frustrating experience you can have when using different apps is encountering errors. It is a common thing in most apps, and they usually come about as a result of various factors. One popular app that is common with such bugs is Instagram. It is an app meant for sharing photos and videos. Instagram can be used for several purposes. That is where you get to preserve your photo memories.

You can also derive entertainment from some of the posts shared by different users. Many are also using it as a marketing platform. You can share photos of some of your products and the services you are offering. The app has proved to be beneficial to a wide number of people. One can experience errors when trying to log in or using the app. Understanding how to fix these errors can benefit you big time. The following are some common Instagram problems you may encounter and how you should fix them.

 Being Unable to Login

There are instances you may have a difficult time trying to log in to your account. This is a common problem experienced by many. It may arise despite keying in the correct details to your Instagram account. You can tap ‘Get help signing in on your device’ where you will input your username, number, or email linked to the account. Instagram will send you a log in link that you will use to access your account. You also have the option of changing your password by clicking the ‘forgot password’ option. A link will be sent to your mail which you can use to reset your password and log in.

Problem Uploading Photos and Videos

This is another problem you may encounter when using the app. One of the things you should do after facing such a challenge is checking your phone’s connection. Make sure you have an active internet connection. If all is okay, confirm if Instagram is down during that particular period. Uninstalling and installing the app again can also be a perfect fix to this challenge

‘Sorry There Was a Problem With Your Request’

It is a login error that can give you a difficult time trying to access your account. You can experience it when you try to log in after temporarily deactivating your account for an extended period. Those who stay long without logging in can also experience the challenge. Multiple logins from different devices may raise suspicions, and this is one of the errors you will get. Violating Instagram’s policies is something else that may result in this. There are several ways you can fix this problem. One of the options you have is factory resetting your device to start again. Make sure you have backed up everything before doing so. Logging in with another device and linking your account to a Facebook page is another ideal fix. This way, you can log in with the Facebook option which does not have such challenges. 


Instagram may crash all the time you open it on your device. This is usually a RAM problem and has nothing to do with the app itself. Free up space on your device to have a smooth time using the app. The other thing you should do is clear cache or data on your device. Go to settings, apps, and tap on Instagram app. You will see the clear cache or clear data option. Tap on the clear data option to reset everything. You can log in to continue using the app smoothly. Understanding these fixes will ensure you always have a smooth time using Instagram.