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GB WhatsApp App Download APK (Latest Version)

Getting the GB WhatsApp download on your device might be a bit difficult if you don’t know how to go about the process. It is an unofficial app which means it is not available in your device’s app store. You can only get it from third-party sources that let you download the GB WhatsApp apk version to your device before finishing up with the installation. The GB WhatsApp 2018 version had several updates that brought out a whole new experience when using the app. You need to understand more about the app before installing it in your device.

GB WhatsApp App Download
GB WhatsApp apk

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a modification of the original WhatsApp messaging application. It is created by different developers who lack authorization from the creators of the original app. They also have no permission to use its source code. GBWhatsApp comes with some extra features which you will not find in the original app. Some of them include freezing last seen, hiding blue ticks, hiding double ticks, and hiding view status. It has gained a lot of popularity among different people because of these extra features. 

Is GBWhatsApp Getting Banned? 

WhatsApp has taken different steps to ban those using GBWhatsApp and other WhatsApp mods. Some of the issues they cited include terms of service violation and lack of transparent security practices from GBWhatsApp and other mods. The move to temporarily ban GBWhatsApp users is to encourage more people to use the official app. Several people have had their GBWhatsApp accounts banned permanently. WhatsApp has also given out procedures for those who want to get back to the official app. What you need to do is wait for your temporary ban to end before backing up your chat, uninstalling GBWhatsApp and installing the official app once again. There are people who have their temporary ban stretching for even a year. This is for those who persist in using GBWhatsApp even after the warnings. What you should understand is that the GBWhatsApp ban has started taking effect, so you should switch to the official app to avoid getting a permanent ban.

Is it Safe to Use GBWhatsApp?

The safety of GBWhatsapp is another thing that has been in question. It is something that has sparked a discussion among many. Well, it is not yet clear whether it is safe for anyone to use the app. Giving a yes or no answer would be confusing in such a situation. What you should understand is that this is an unofficial app with extra features which leaves many unaware of their data safety. It is also not available in the app stores, and you will get it only from third party sources. This is another thing that can help you understand a lot about the app’s safety. Few concerns were raised about GBWhatsApp’s safety until the latest crackdown by WhatsApp. If you value your privacy and data safety, you can avoid installing the unofficial app.

Can I Use GBWhatsApp and Normal WhatsApp?

You can use GBWhatsApp and the official WhatsApp on the same phone. What you should do is register them with different numbers. Signing up with the same number on each of them is a bit difficult, and you will have to end a session on one of them. Most people who prefer having their primary and secondary phone numbers on are using these WhatsApp mods together with the official app. 

How to Install GBWhatsApp

By now, you understand that GBWhatsApp is an unofficial app, so you cannot find it in your phone’s app store. The process of downloading and installing it on your phone is easy. Here is how to go about it.

Download the APK File

You can get this app from third-party sources that let you download the APK format. Look for the best sites to download APK files. Some of the trusted sources you can go for include APKPure,uptodown, and APKMirror. Visit them and type GBWhatsApp in your searches. You will get a link of different versions. Click to download the latest version. 

App Permission

Most devices don’t allow you to install apps from sources other than the app store. However, you can change this setting when installing applications from third party sources. What you should do is go to your phone’s settings, security options, and allow apps from unknown sources. This will guarantee you a smooth time during the installation process.

Install Your App

The next step you have to do is install the app. What you should do in this stage is to look for the APK file you have downloaded and click install. It will take a few seconds or minutes before the app is completely installed on your phone. You can proceed to open or click done if you want to open it later.

Launching the App

Now, this is a straightforward process, similar to what you do when you are launching the official app. After installation, you have to start the app before proceeding with the registration. Key in your mobile number. Remember you cannot use the same number registered under the original WhatsApp you are using on your device or any other device. Make sure you use a different number. You can proceed by creating a username and choosing a backup email account. You can also not use the same email used as a backup for another registered WhatsApp account. It is that simple, and you can now enjoy using GBWhatsApp.