WhatsApp Web scan

How Do I Scan WhatsApp on Android?

Messaging apps have helped improve communication to a certain extent. You can communicate with people from different corners of the continent easily. It is also cheaper compared to the conventional procedures of using a mobile service provider. One of the most popular messaging apps at the moment is WhatsApp. It has over 1 billion users from different parts of the continent. WhatsApp comes with various features that make it easy for people to communicate and share several things. You can make video calls, audio calls, and also send texts.

WhatsApp Web scan
WhatsApp Web scan

Other things you can share via WhatsApp include location, documents, and contacts. There is also a web version of the app which makes it convenient for those who are carrying out a variety of tasks on their PCs. You don’t have to switch between your PC and the app all the time when you have the web version. To link your account to the web version you have to carry out a WhatsApp Web scan.

It is all about using the scanner on your phone’s WhatsApp to scan the QR (Quick Response) code on the website. The WhatsApp web QR code is specifically meant for the app. You cannot use the scanner for other QR codes that are not meant for the app’s login. Linking your WhatsApp to the web version is a simple process, which might be a bit complicated for some people. Here is how you should go about your WhatsApp web scan

Open the Web Version

This is the first thing you should do if you want to access WhatsApp using your PC. You should open your browser and type web.whatsapp.com in the address bar, or you can also type WhatsApp Web in the search bar. You will be directed to the WhatsApp Web version here you have to follow the required procedures to link your account.

Open WhatsApp on Your Device

WhatsApp accounts are usually registered under a mobile number. Anytime you link it with the web version you will have an account registered under your mobile number open. You should open the app on your Android device before proceeding to the next step of conducting a WhatsApp web scan.

WhatsApp Web scan
WhatsApp Web scan

Go to Options

The next thing you should do after opening the app on your Android device is going to the options section. It is indicated by three small dots that appear vertically and are found on the top right side of the app next to the contact search button. Pressing the option button which is in the form of three vertical dots on top of the chat section will bring up a pop-up menu with various options, WhatsApp Web being one of them.

WhatsApp Web

You should tap the WhatsApp Web option where you will be taken to the scanner. If you have ever logged in to a specific device, you will get all the history there which includes your last login date. You can log out to be able to use the scanner once again.


It is the final procedure that helps to ensure your device is linked to the web version of the app. You are supposed to point the scanner to the WhatsApp Web QR code on your browser as you wait for the QR code to carry out its scan. It’s just a matter of seconds before you are logged in. There are times you might experience challenges doing your scan. You might take several minutes without your device getting detected. There will be an option to refresh the WhatsApp Web QR code, or you can reload your browser before scanning once again.

WhatsApp Web QR code
WhatsApp Web QR code

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Web

The WhatsApp Web version has helped to make a lot of things easier. Here are the benefits linked to its use. 

Link Sharing

There are some links you always come across when using your computer or PC to carry out several tasks. Sharing these links to your WhatsApp contacts is usually difficult. You might be forced to use your phone’s browser to share the links. Linking your WhatsApp to the web version makes the process of sharing links easy. You just have to open it in another window where you can do your copy-pasting from sites open in other windows.

Saves Battery

WhatsApp Web can also help you save the battery of your device. There are times your phone might run low on power. Using your mobile phone in that state may make it go off completely. You can link your WhatsApp to the web version and continue chatting as your device is charging. As long as your device is on, you will continue accessing the web version of the app.

Smooth Typing

WhatsApp Web lets you use your computer’s keyboard which makes your typing a lot easier. This is vital when typing long messages and sharing them to different people. You can also chat with multiple people smoothly because your typing speed will be high when using a computer keyboard.

Quick Notifications

You will get all the notifications you need from your WhatsApp chats on your computer. Peeping through your mobile device while carrying out different tasks on your PC brings about a lot of inconvenience. You will be less productive due to the disruption that comes about as a result. WhatsApp Web lets you receive notifications on your PC which guarantees you a smooth time if you are also carrying out other tasks on the same device.