Boost Visibility on Instagram

How to Boost Visibility on Instagram

Instagram is among the top social networking apps out there. It is famous for photo sharing, which is the primary feature of the app. Instagram also has a video sharing option, and you can chat with other users via direct message. It is more like a digital album. Most businesses are now using the app for online marketing purposes. This is because of how easy it is to reach out to a lot of people using the app.

Currently, the app has over a billion downloads from different app stores. Making good use of it can boost sales in your business. Marketing via Instagram is a simple process which requires a proper plan. The first thing you should do is open an account on the app. You should then grow your following to increase your reach.

One way you can go about this is by improving your online visibility. Different Instagram users should be able to see your posts every time they log in to the app. This is not only applicable to businesses but also influencers and other people who want to grow their accounts for specific purposes. The following are some of the best ways to boost visibility on Instagram.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are essential on Instagram. Most people using the app can reach out to your post through these hashtags. You need to optimize them to increase the chances of many people coming across your posts. Do your research to know some of the popular tags during a specific period. You can sample those that have been used most by many within a particular period. Something you need to avoid is stuffing your posts with lots of hashtags as this may make it difficult for users to read your captions. It would be best if you also avoided tags with a lot of posts.


It is another essential factor that can help boost your visibility on Instagram. You should post more often if you want to grow your account and get your products known. Posting once in a blue moon will not help you grow. You can share at least three posts in a single day if you want to boost your visibility online. Do this at different periods of the day.


IGTV is a feature introduced recently that allows users to post longer videos. The maximum length of the videos you share on IGTV is 60 minutes, an equivalent of one hour. This is much better compared to normal video posts where you are only limited to one minute. Most Instagram users love the new IGTV feature. You can try it out by sharing content related to what you are dealing with or something that appeals to your followers. This makes it easy for you to be featured in the discovery section of the app where most people who are not following your account will see you.

Captivating Posts

Coming up with captivating Instagram posts is also vital in boosting your visibility on the app. You should come up with something funny, attractive or that which can capture the attention of different users. It is easy for you if you have a target audience because you know what works well for them. You can also hire creatives who will help you come up with something captivating.

Good Captions

Apart from viewing your posts, most people also read your captions. Coming up with the right caption can make your posts captivating, which is vital in attracting many to your posts. You should be creative with your captions. They should be able to capture the reader’s attention. Please make sure they are short for a smooth read.