How to increase speed & phonesecure efficiency of your apps in mobile

There are lots of tips available for us to phonesecure along with the increasing speed of your mobile easy. It is really important due to each person is using android technology in daily routine and having fun while enjoying. So they also have to make sure all the apps are working well, here are the tips beneficial for you most.

Never install the battery optimizer

It may seem counter intuitive and most of the battery fixer apps are pure garbage and utilities do nothing more than removing and apps running in background and clear phone’s cache and most of the time have to deal with the intrusive ads and even malware. If are seeing constant slowdowns and apps take a long time to get load.

Manually removal of files will increase the speed

Using of disk usage runs quick analysis on the tablet or the tablet or phone’s storage drive and visualizes how much spaces remains fast in its speed. It also shows what files are taking up the most amount of space and use the app to identify what media files as apps, music and photo are taking up the most amount of space and then delete.

Find and kill misbehaving apps

Android design allows for apps and to run in the background without consuming processing power, the theory and well designed application and only uses resources for brief periods and of the time exactly. it is fact unfortunately, the poorly designed apps call on operating system services can also drain batteries and slow performance.

Identifying auto starting apps on your android

As Ice Cream Sandwich through KitKat devices can also get auto starting apps by restarting with the power button down until you see power off or restart option in it. It is the way then heading to setting then apps and swipe from the right side of the screen to the left side to open running tab will make you easy and comfortable with.

Turning on manual sync for your apps

After eliminating all non essential applications and required to turn on manual sync for the each remaining app so it does not updated all the time perfectly. If absolutely need and pushing notifications for an app. newer hardware may not even blink at the tremendous amount of apps constantly updating and giving benefits like the speed increasing.

Turn of all animations

Actually android automatically animates screen transition and further example whenever open application and animation plays turning off animations improves how fast the app work. So as that to turn off animations first open the developer options and then scroll down list of items and locate the entry for drawing under the legal instructions and tips.

Forcing 2D GPU rendering

Some kind of apps use the device’s CPU and rather than dedicated graphics in order to run 2D games. Like the way it can result in poorer performance enabling features can sometimes improve performance by forcing games to use GPU. On the other hand trade off can decreased battery life and sometimes worse stability.

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