How to renew or apply for a passport online with mobile passport app

If you have to travel abroad, for some countries you need to process or renew your passport. Did you know that you can request an appointment online? You will save time and queues and you can choose the day and time that suits you best. Taking care of your passport may take your time; this is not considered if you have to apply for a visa. For example, if you want to visit Spain, you must also prepare a visa for Spain besides your passport.

Accelerate the procedures

A few years ago it seemed that the passport tended to disappear, with the opening of borders. But in these times of the Brexit and the walls against immigrants, it seems that it will be more necessary than ever. If you are going to travel abroad, some countries require an identification. You need to request or renew your passport, if it has expired. It is a document that requires a face-to-face processing, but luckily most of the procedures can be done online.

The passport expires at 2 years if the holder is less than 5 years old, at 5 years if he is under 30 years old, and at 10 years old if he is over 30 years old. From a web page you can get all the information, find out where the nearest police office or police headquarters is, and even request an Internet appointment to renew your passport. This will save you a lot of time in queues and visits to the police station.

How to make an appointment using a passport app

To apply for or renew your passport online, you must access the webpage of your chosen app. Here you can get information about the documentation you need, find the nearest processing office, and request an appointment the day and time you want (if you are free). You must identify yourself and enter the data of document number, letter and validity date, etc.

How to renew or apply for a passport online

Fill in all the fields provided and send the data. The next step is to choose the type of procedure you want to carry out. In our case, passport, but you can also renew your ID; request a first expedition, or a multiple appointment (for example for your children). In case you want to stay a while in Spain, you might need to send more data for your Spain residence permit.

It is time to choose the province of your destination country, so that all available passport issuance offices are displayed. It can be a police station, or a specialized office. Choose one and you will see the days and hours free for the next months. In some offices they offer fast appointment and standard appointment options. The quick appointment is a filter that allows you to search for free hours in a time slot, or on a certain day or certain location.

Choose a month, a day, and a time. Note that the number of appointments available in each hour is indicated in parentheses. They are in real time, so choose fast if you do not want to stay without it. When you select a time you will see the passport application with the name of the office, date and others. You must include your mobile number (in case they have to send you a message) and an email to confirm the appointment. You will receive a confirmation of the appointment in your email. You will also see a button to print it or download it in PDF format. The links will appear on the screen to review the documentation you have to submit.

To process or renew your passport, all you have to do is present a photograph and your ID.

Note that the photo must be printed on photographic paper, must have a size of 32 x 36 mm, and white background. A mobile photo on a piece of paper does not work.

There are still a number of other steps depending on the application you deal with but some of the steps above are the most crucial ones.

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