How to Take Screenshots on an Android

If you want to get the screenshots on the android and due to some reasons you are not able to keep your get the pictures here you will get the way and can get the pictures as screen shoots. No matter what kind of phone you are using and if you are using a Samsung Galaxy the process is actually slightly different than for the other Android devices. It is described right below in the perfect steps section for you. it is very easy thing and need to go the screen and wish to capture, you can also press and hold the power plus the volume down button. Another best way is that you can swap down from the top of the screen and tap on the screenshot captured.

Step one

Press and hold the 2 button on your android if you want to capture the screen shoot snap or picture. This step will make you start for the sake of capturing the picture with the help of screen shoot taking from your android.

Step two

It will capture the picture and will ask to save or discard. Then you have to click on the save button to make it save. It is the easiest way to get them captured and will be an easy way for us to capture the screen shoot if you are using the android.

Step three

In the third action step you need to swipe down from the top of the screen and will opens the notifications bar. Clicking or holding to tap on the buttons will make you able to capture the picture as a screen shoot. It will be the easiest form for you to get the picture done and can also save on your android with a couple of taping on the buttons.

Step four

Here on the four steps you will view the button appears on the screen as “screenshot captured to get the view the image out there. Image will be saved right in the default photo app and Gallery, Google photos or the Samsung photos into the album labeled screen shoots.

How to get Screen shot on Acer phones

Another way is that pull down the notification panel to reach right quickly the settings and tap the screenshot icon available out there.

Need to hold down power and volume button and volume down buttons for the couple of seconds will take the picture in Acer phones.

How to screenshot with Asus Phones

Hold down the power and volume down buttons for a couple of seconds will give a best and easy screenshot.

Swap down for the notifications and will quickly getting and tap the screenshot icon.

Google phones capturing screenshot

Some of the phones as nexus, you need to get as hold down the power and volume down buttons for a while will make you able to have a screenshot picture.

How to take screenshot on HTC phones

One of the best HTC series mobiles you will get to hold down the power and volume down buttons for a short time and result will give you a screenshot.

Holding the home and power button or holding the power and volume buttons for some time you can have screenshot.

How to screenshot LG phones

Holding down the power and volume down buttons to capture the screenshot,

Pulling down the notification from the top to bottom panel and tap the capture with the plus icon give the result of screenshot.

Lenovo, capturing the screenshot

For that sake need to capture the screen shot and power and volume down buttons for a couple of moment and you will be able to get the screenshot.

On your phone swap from the top to end will see the notification panel and then tap to the screenshot icon.

If you want to capture the photo and if there is no other particular choice and will make you to get any of the picture you are feeling hard to get. All the particular methods are described and will lead you to solve the issues we mostly face in capturing the picture or taking the pictures from our android.

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