Tinder App

How to Use the Tinder App

Have you ever made the use of the Tinder app? Do you want to know how you can use it efficiently? Well, as we talk about dating applications, then there are available in numerous amounts. You can look for different dating apps with some exciting features in it. In all such apps, we have the name of Tinder for you. Get ready to know how you can use this fantastic app!

What Should you Know About Tinder? 

Tinder is known as an online form of a dating app. This is eventually used for matching the couples as per according to their physical features and attractions. The app will give you an alert sign about which Tinder user falls according to your age and gender. It even makes you mention about the location at a distance of which the user is positioned.

What to do If A Tinder User Does Not Like Your Profile?

If one person does not like your profile, then there is nothing to feel disappointed about it. The best thing about Tinder app is they will never let the user know that how many dislikes they got.   Also, you can even get to know if both of you any mutual friends have or not.

How can you Get Tinder?

Now the main question is how you can get Tinder. Well, Tinder is a free app that you can use on your devices of Android or even on iOS. You have to download it straight away from your App Store or from Google Play. You can start the Tinder by creating your account on the app by using your mobile number. This account will even enable you to use some additional features of the app, such as taking pictures from Facebook.

How Can You Use Tinder App? 

The next major question is about using the Tinder app, which is another crucial point to keep in mind. Tinder app is straightforward and straightforward to use because of its friendly features.

  • You have to download the app, create your account.
  • If you don’t have an account, then you can even log into the app through the Facebook account profile.
  • You have to mention the age or gender of people whom you want to meet. Plus you have to mention at how much distance you can travel to meet them.
  • As soon as the app finds one such specific person according to your requirements of age and gender, they will initially place a card on the top of your screen. This card will display one big picture of the selected person.
  • You can tap on the picture to check out their information and additional details, which they have added along with photos.

How To Tap User Picture?

  • Below the user picture, there is a sign of heart and cross. You have to tap on the heart icon if you like that person, and if you do not like them, you can tap on the cross sign. In short, swipe to the right side if you do like them and swipe to the left if you do not like them.
  • As soon as both sides like each other, the Tinder app will be opening a messaging section for you.
  • Don’t forget to add some of your information in the profile section. Tinder will be pulling some of your information straight away from your Facebook profile, including job, as well as education, gender, and habits.
  • You can also use the Smart Photos feature of the Tinder app. Right through the use of this app, you can get to know that which Tinder user has responded to the photo which you have shared on your profile.
  • You can even link the username of your Tinder on your accounts of Spotify and Instagram.

What is Tinder Plus All About 

If you are so much serious about choosing your perfect match from the Tinder app, then you should consider investing in Tinder Plus. This version is exceptionally advanced, and it is added with some best features which you can use throughout the whole month by paying a small amount of money. Basally it is a paid version.  One of the best things about Tinder Plus is that it is entirely ad-free to use.

You can also get the feature of the rewind button through which you can even re-do the last ones swipe you made in case it might happen by chance. This feature will also make you able to change your location as well.

Features of Tinder Plus

Another best thing about Tinder Plus is that you can make unlimited swipes on the person you like the most. If we talk about the ordinary Tinder App, there is a specific limit to make the swipes on someone’s profile. As soon as that limitation comes to an end, you have to wait around for 12 hours to renew the limitation.  The monthly cost of Tinder Plus starts from £1.49 per month to £14.99 per month with some discount offers.

Is Tinder App Boring?

Most of the times it might happen that if you are newly making your way into this app,  you won’t be taking any sort of big interest in using this app every single day. This is quite an ordinary feeling which every single user comes across with.  But always remember that Tinder is a two way street.  If one person does not like your profile, then there is nothing to feel disappointed about it. The best thing about Tinder app is that they will never let the user know that how many dislikes they have attained.  This will never boost down the morale of the user and they keep on showing their interest in the Tinder app working.

Final Verdict

To sum up the whole discussion, we would say that Tinder app is a lot interesting and exciting to use right now.  If you do not like interacting with the people then using Tinder app will build a chance to boost up your social skills and communication range with the unknown people in the social world.  You can use it free of cost at any hour of the day and meet interesting people around you.