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How WhatsApp Has Improved Communication

Communicating with your loved ones or those who are not close to you is essential. Times have changed, and it is now easier to reach out to those you love. It all started with the phone booth and mail era. This was later to be replaced by smartphones. We have witnessed rapid changes over the recent years. Smartphones have become cheap and readily available. They have also helped to improve communication to a certain extent.

You can now talk to your loved ones easily using smartphones. The world has also been reduced to a global village. There are mobile apps you can use to communicate with your loved ones. They have different features that make communication easier. You can make video or voice calls. Sending texts is also possible through these apps. One of the most popular communicating apps at the moment is WhatsApp.

Currently, it has over 1.5 billion users from different parts of the world. The app started as a messaging app before various features were introduced after a while. You can now make voice and video calls through the app. One is also able to send voice notes. It is a simple app, hence the reason why millions of people from different parts of the world have downloaded it. WhatsApp has changed how we communicate in several ways, which include:

Photo Sharing

You can share photos through this mobile app. Photos play a crucial role in our communication. You can use them to stress on something while having a conversation with someone. Those who are marketing their products or services can also send photos of the products to their clients. This makes it easy for them to understand what they should expect. Conventional means of communication don’t provide room for photo sharing.

Location Sharing

This mobile app also lets you share your location with the person you are chatting with. It is essential when you want to direct a person to a place you are supposed to meet. You don’t have to walk all the way to pick them or waste your time calling trying to give them the directions verbally.

Video Chat

There is some high level of satisfaction you get when you make a video call. The recently introduced feature on WhatsApp has made it easy for those who are far from each other communicate smoothly and get some top-level satisfaction. Both parties should have a reliable internet connection to have a smooth video call with minimal interruptions.

Voice Call

Using your phone to make voice calls is quite expensive. You have to buy airtime which might limit you on the period you have to be on the call. Mobile apps such as WhatsApp have made communicating with others through voice call simple and less costly. You can talk for as long as you want using the app’s voice call feature. Just like video chatting, you need to have a strong internet connection to make a smooth call.

Voice Notes

It is an ideal way of communicating with people, especially if one is not online. You can record yourself and send voice notes to them which they will receive once they get online. Those who want to hear the voices of those they are communicating to can also try out this option. This feature lets you send your voice note to a group of people.

Document Sharing

You might have some important news in a written document which you want to send to several people. WhatsApp has now made it easier to submit documents in formats such as PDF to several people. You can send official documents or school assignments to a wide variety of people via WhatsApp.

Group Chats

It is another feature in WhatsApp that has helped improve communication in several quarters. You can create a class or office group and pass out the information you find essential to your members. There is no need to call meetings which are more costly when you can communicate all the information you need to your members through a WhatsApp group.

Status Sharing

It is another feature that was introduced recently. Status updates are meant to let you share with your contacts or those you have approved what you are feeling. You can tell them what you are up to at the moment. Before major improvements were made, you could only share your status through writing. You can now share photos and videos of what you are doing through the mobile app. It also gives you the option to customize your settings and choose who you want to view your videos and status updates. This has helped to improve communication to a certain extent because you can let your contacts and those you have authorized know what you are up to.

Affordable Communication

It is high time you say goodbye to costly phone calls and texts, thanks to WhatsApp. Most network service providers require you to subscribe to a specific plan to talk or text. Such subscriptions are very costly and might limit you. With this mobile app, you will make unlimited calls and also send many texts without spending much.

Message Forwarding

WhatsApp makes it easier to forward messages to different people and groups. This is vital in spreading information fast. You can send alerts or other news you find important to several groups and contacts at once. This keeps them in the know of what is happening. You should try out this mobile messaging app for smooth communication.