Instagram Is Better Than Facebook, Change My Mind

Generation is of social media and there are lots of social media apps, accounts, profiles, websites are available and trapped the people into their net. Some of the time it is actually hard to understand which one is the best in social media apps is here the same situation now. It is fact in top ten social media apps we have Facebook and Instagram are. Reality is that Facebook just crossed the one point one billion users’ record now and having record of monthly visitor. On the other hand Instagram has a record of five hundred million users. Some of the records are great having Facebook and in some of the records of Instagram are better.

Facebook VS Instagram

People who are actually intended to launch a good and successful campaign as using just one of the most famous and popular social networks then the social media is one of the best way. It is fact we have now two main pillars of Social media as one is Instagram and second is Facebook. These are completely two different but unique platforms and Commenting in Facebook best way on the other hand Visual Social network based on the Instagram.

Facebook Statistics

  1. There are more than one billion daily active users are available and having permanent visitors from it.
  2. More than one billion mobile users daily remain active on it.
  • Approximately 2 billion users are registering on Facebook.
  1. One and a half billion monthly active users are available.

Statistics of Instagram

  • More than five hundred monthly active users are available on there.
  • Above three million daily active people and users are presented their appearances.
  • Four points two billion likes we get daily.
  • Over ninety five million videos and photos we get uploaded on Instagram per day.


What the Instagram Have to Recommend

As start with a through analysis of the Instagram and the role in the promoting services, ads, pictures, business now available here the best statistics about the ay of using it in better and getting its benefits.


Ratio of Instagram users is increasing each day as double and approximately 800 million active users on a monthly basis of the million daily available out there. Exactly eighty percent of all users are exactly outside the US and suggesting that platform has massive global reach to access there.


The way of working and using Instagram is biting different to the users in all around the world. The best and unique part of the Instagram is that it has actually and exactly some for the most valuable engaged users into it. On an average day there are million of users uploads and share the photos and also the videos.

Traffic Generating

With the use of Instagram app we will come to get that there is a huge attraction. Some of the best pictures we got involved in there and it will be good thing for users to get some quality information and that thing will exactly generate the traffic on it.

Expectations of Facebook

There are lots of things we can expect from the Facebook and will be realizing sooner or later for us to use and mesmerize our world.

Attraction of Users

Best way of its users we can have due to there is lots of functions and features we are going to explore and then studies have actually shown that engagement to the business on the other social media as the Instagram is ten times higher than the Facebook.

Advertising and Promoting To Customers

In all the respect and aspect of the life daily and permanent users are exactly having opportunities to get some promotion of their business nicely on Facebook. Both of the big social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are easy to use on the time it involves running and advertising and campaigns of the marketing.

Targeting Consumers

Exactly as consumer targeting is necessary for the business in order to get to avoid loss of the information, details and another thing you required to have where the target. It may also include where the audience is based, their genders, ages and the interests etc.

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