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iOS Apps that Will Keep You Informed

The introduction of smartphones has been linked to a wide range of benefits. Staying informed throughout is one of the things you will enjoy when you have a smartphone. You don’t have to wait for your local news bulletin to know the latest about what is taking place in your region and other parts of the continent. One tool that has proved to be essential in keeping the public informed is social media. These are platforms where you can interact with people from other parts of the continent.

There are also people who post timely updates about different events taking place in their country. Visiting blogs is another way to get firsthand information about happenings around the world. You can subscribe to notifications from such blogs to stay updated all the time. Informative apps have also become common over the recent days. These are apps that will only post or share updates of different things happening around the world.

You can also get sports and entertainment updates. Having these apps on your device is essential if you want to be in the know all the time. You should look for one that is compatible with your device because you will come across some that are meant for Android devices and other for iOS device. There are so many of them you can download on your iOS device to keep you informed. Here are some of them. 


It is a great informative app that gathers news from different platforms like social networking sites, photo-sharing sites, and newsfeed to make it easy for you to have all the information you want at hand. The presentation of the app is attractive, and you will get everything in another magazine format on your device. This is ideal in ensuring you stay informed all the time.

Apple News

This is the most popular informative app you will get for your iPhone device covering different topics to bring you news from various parts of the continent. It is a default app that you will find on iPhones and iPads running on iOS 9 and above. The good thing about Apple News is that you can change your settings to get news from specific topics only.


This app works the same as Flipboard by compiling news from different sources to give you all you need at once. The only difference is that this app collects news from a wide range of sources, unlike Flipboard, which only uses a few. This is ideal for those who are looking for all sorts of stories because you will not be limited to specific sources.

Washington Post

It is one of the leading American newspapers that mostly covers issues to do with world politics. They have an app that you can download on your iOS device and stay informed on various happenings around the world. You will get news from different topics when you have the app on your device. They will also keep you up to date with breaking news from all over the world.


Headlines is a free app to download on your iPhone that will keep you informed on a wide range of issues from the US and other parts of the continent. It also covers other interesting topics such as sports, weather, and market updates. If you are looking for an all-round app that will keep you informed, then this is the right type to choose. Downloading these informative apps on your device and subscribing to their notifications will keep you informed all the time. Look for the right ones for your iOS device.

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