JEE Main 2019: 2 Month Study Plan

With JEE Main 2019 exam approaching close in January and April next year, the time for studying is disappearing as present times calls for revision and lots of practice.

When you are three to four months away from your final exam, the focus should always be on more practice and revision with the best material, resources or coaching guidance.

As of now, the JEE Main Admit Card is expected to be out on 17th December 2018 for the January session of JEE Main exam which is between 6th to 20th January 2019. This gives us about less than two months for JEE Main preparations.

Here we are going to talk about top preparation techniques for a 2-month study plan – easily followed by all! The preparation techniques are as follows:

Timely Revision

Revision is needed in every exam. But a revision is always complete and true when it is accompanied by practicing with model papers/test papers/sample question papers. If you have done it right, it is more than enough for anyone to easily ace this important exam.

JEE Main Exams do include about 40 % syllabus from 11th standard topics and 60 % syllabus from 12th standard topics. So, when you revise in this manner, it will get easier to remember various topics and the most important chapters. In the end, this will definitely ace up your final JEE exam performance.

Mock Tests

The next point is practicing with regular JEE Main mock tests. The best thing about mock tests is that you will get a better idea about the exam pattern, topic weightage and also be able to manage your time well.

Mock tests can be given on various online educational platforms or even through JEE related apps. If you wish for more detailed guidance, you can always opt for ITT coaching centers. The point is to give these Mock tests on a regular basis so that you can evaluate your preparations, strengths and weaknesses.

Best Books

Moving on, we go a step ahead with the emphasis on having the best recommended JEE Main books as part of a study plan. It’s just a matter of doing the right research and finding the best books or sources.

To name a few, Algebra and Differential Calculus by Arihant, Concept of Physics Volume I and II by H.C.Verma, Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee, Fundamental of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker, Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd, Mathematics for Class 11 & 12 by R.D. Sharma etc. are some of the good ones that can be kept in your backpack for good references.

Personal Notes

Having customized notes is always recommended for an exam.In this case, if you are two months away from your JEE Main exam, make sure to revise from your own notes instead of just revising from textbooks. This is because, with your own personal study notes, you wouldn’t be just mugging or learning new but would be reading about your own observations or knowledge about the concept.

Hence, the revision becomes a lot easier in this manner. It is bound to make you more confident.  And the best time to start writing personal notes is the moment you start your JEE Main preparations.

Self-Made Study Plan

This is probably a very common tip given by everybody but that doesn’t change its relevance.No matter the kind of guidance or coaching tips you get, you always need to have your own study schedules. Because in this way, you own it and nobody is forcing you to sit down and study. Be it giving time to various subjects, important topics, practicing equations or mathematical formulae, preparing and following study schedules is a powerful way of bringing up your JEE Main scores. In this way, you will knowingly keep time for weaker topics or more mock tests.

So these were the few ways with the help of which you can plan your studies. At the end of everything, it will be your hard work which will help you to ace JEE Main. Best of luck!

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