Smart TV Operating Systems You Should Know

Smart TV Operating Systems You Should Know

The evolution of TVs has been speedy. We have moved from analog to digital television sets that give one a different watching experience. Smart TVs have also become popular in the market. These are television sets with internet access. You can access the internet easily using this type of TV. They work more like a smartphone in several instances.

Smart TVs come in higher resolutions of 1080P, 4K, and even 8K. You can see crystal clear images using this type of TV. Something else that makes them stand out is that they come with inbuilt apps such as YouTube, Netflix and many more that give you unlimited entertainment. You are able to stream movies and other videos smoothly when using these devices.

Smart TVs run on an operating system which makes it easier for you to access the internet. Some of the inbuilt programs also run smoothly on these television sets because of the operating systems. Not all smart TVs have the same operating system. That is why you will find some that have different display compared to others. There are several smart TV operating systems you should know to have a smooth time when making your purchase. They include:


This operating system is common is LG smart TVs. WebOS makes it easier for the user to access different apps and settings because it comes with a launch bar found at the bottom of the screen. The launch bar or menu has all the apps and shortcuts to different things you need to access your smart TV.  You have the option to customize your bar and have a smooth time accessing some of the apps and channels you access most on your smart TV. The OS is compatible with Bluetooth, making it easier for you to link up your TV with other controls or devices. You can also mirror your phone or laptop with your TV using this OS.


It is another popular operating system mostly found in Samsung smart TVs. TizenOS has a perfect appearance, and most of its features are similar to those found in WebOS. It comes with a launch bar located at the bottom of your screen, which makes it easier for you to access a wide range of apps and TV programs. The OS also has Bluetooth connectivity features making it easier to connect your TV to other devices. It is a simple operating system for a TV and can guarantee you smooth user experience.

Android TV

This is one of the most popular smart TV operating systems. You will be able to enjoy a variety of features that you use on your Android device with this type of TV. Linking up your TV directly to your computer is much easier if you have Chrome installed on your device. Google Play store found in Android TVs makes it easier for you to download a variety of apps that do not come inbuilt in your TV. You can download other streaming apps for more entertainment. The Chromecast feature is another thing that makes Android TV one of the best operating systems for a smart TV. This feature makes it easy for you to cast from your Android device.

Amazon Fire TV

It is an operating system that may are not familiar with but offers a great experience to those using smart TVs that have it. Amazon Fire TV is available in Toshiba and Insignia TV sets. One of the popular features in this OS is access to Amazon Alexa. You can control it perfectly at home. It is also easy to use, fast, and comes with a variety of apps.