Guide of Updating iOS

Step by Step Guide of Updating iOS

Mobile devices have proved to be beneficial in helping us carry out a variety of tasks. You can access some services and also get entertained online. These devices run on an operating system. Also referred to as OS, it is a basic software that enables different apps or programs to run on your devices. Popular operating systems at the moment include Android and iOS. Android is the most popular, with over 2 billion active users from different parts of the continent.

iOS follows closely with over 700 million active users. iOS is explicitly meant for Apple iPhone devices. Android is shared among different brands, and this explains the high number of users. Making sure your software is up to date is essential. There are instances you may get automatic updates and others where you will be required to do everything by yourself.

You can check for updates by going to the settings option and looking for any. Updates are meant to enhance the user experience in several ways. There are times you may go for a long time without getting any updates on your device. You should always find out from different platforms whether there are any updates for the device you are using.

How to Update iOS

The following is how you should go about updating your iOS device.

You should first back up your device before commencing the update. Do this using iCloud or your computer. Make sure your device is connected to the internet and a power source. In your device, go to the settings option, general, then click software update. Your update may require some extra space because of the size. This is when you will get a prompt asking you to delete some apps temporarily to create more space. You can click cancel or continue.

The apps will be reinstalled once the update is complete. Continue with downloading the latest software update. Upon completion, you can install it immediately or find an ideal time to do that later. The best time to do so is overnight because this process takes time. You can schedule your device to do so in a particular period. This will start automatically, and you will have the latest iOS version on your device.

Benefits of Updating the Operating System of Your Device

The following are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you update your OS to the latest version.

Improved Security

Updates come with new security features that help ensure your device is protected. Some of the issues that leave your device vulnerable to threats will be fixed when you install a new update on your device. This reduces the chances of malware attacks.

New Features

You also get to enjoy new features that come with the update you have installed. Developers work day and night to ensure those using a specific operating system get the best experience from it. Introducing new features is one of the things they do to create a good user experience. You should update your OS to enjoy the latest features.

Fix Bugs

There are certain issues you may experience when using a specific version of an operating system. Regular pop-ups and other issues can be very irritating. Software updates help get rid of those bugs. You will have a great experience using your device after carrying out a software update.

Improved User Interface

One of the things developers may change when creating a new update is the user interface. You may get something different that will guarantee you the best user experience. Update your operating system to enjoy a new and fast interface.