best family apps

The top 10 best family apps you can deal with

The existence of smartphones and their applications has made our lives easier. We can take WhatsApp, Camera 360, Instagram and so on. From day to day, the number of applications made for the Android and iOS platforms is increasing and differentiated according to various specific needs. Likewise they are made with the aim to facilitate family activities. Here are the top 10 best family apps for 2019.

10 best family apps

Cash App

Cash App (formerly known as Square Cash) is an instant cash transfer application for Square. The company is known by its smartphone sales point systems for Android and iOS. Cash App allows them to send the actual money request to other users of the application. It also integrates with your email address, so you can send and receive requests there. You can add a “$ cash tag”, a unique tag in the cash application ecosystem that your friends and family (and others) can use to send you money. Personal payments to friends and family are free with the Cash application. As with most other applications on this list, they are paid with a credit card through the application Cash charges a fee of three per cent; An instant deposit in the cuff results in a charge of 1.5 percent. This application is also compatible with Bitcoin Paid. 

Cash App

Facebook Messenger Payments

The social media giant can process paid through Facebook Messenger. You can also send money to your friends directly without any charge. The payment and transfer functions are easy to use and integrate with the perfection with Messenger. There is a great possibility that your friend has a Facebook account. You only have to pick them up in Messenger, press the dollar symbol and get paid. Facebook does not need to monetize its payment system due to its other sources; That’s why bank fees and debit cards are paid at a generous rate.

Facebook Messenger Payments

Gmail and Google Pay

All the best applications for sending money have the same feature: you and your family members are probably using the platform for another thing. Gmail is just that, and it allows them to send money too. Open a new e-mail, select the dollar symbol, add your payment request to the advisor, send it to you. The Gmail method is great because you can send an email to anyone with a payment request. In addition, you can make requests or send money using Google Assistant. Google Pay works as you would expect. You can transfer money to any person, regardless of whether you have a Gmail account or Google Pay app. Google Pay also integrates very well with any other Google service, too. It facilitates sending and receiving money throughout Google’s ecosystem. Like Facebook, Google does not need to monetize its payment system, so that debit card transfers and payments are free. However, credit cards attract a rate of 2.9 percent.

Gmail and Google Pay

Family Locator – Phone Tracker

Where is everyone? If you want to know where your family members are on occasion, this application is useful. Well because you want to know where you are now, but the little ones to know if you are all good and in the place you have, this application is very interesting. You will be able to see its geo-location on the map or even receive notifications in the event that you are already in an unsafe place.

Family Locator - Phone Tracker


This family app is focused on the domestic areas and involving all family members in them. It will allow the little ones to see the home as something fun and will be able to use the priests applications. The priests will organize them and they will receive rewards they can earn. The application is designed so that it can use children from all four years and the priests will be able to control the whole, set goals or choose the rewards. 

Family Team

Another family app for home care is Family Team. A very interesting application that allows you to assign targets, create teams, get prizes… It allows you to plan weekly targets, set goals and evaluate each target to see if it has been met. If so, there will be prizes. Another very appealing and complete application for families.

Family Team


This South Korean application can help you track the location and activities of the people closest to you. Install this application on every smartphone you want to track, then register the phone number, and you can track their whereabouts anytime and anywhere accurately. You can also see the track history of the trip, and also chat with people who have registered as a family. Equipped with an S.O.S button, this application can also send emergency messages to the closest people along with the location of your last whereabouts quickly.

Lumosity Mobile Healthy Family Application

Your children may enjoy playing more than doing sports. If so, try to offer the Lumosity Mobile family app for them. This health application is specifically designed by neurologists to help improve cognitive abilities. Instead of doing physical activity, this application uses various types of simple games to exercise your brain. Of course this brain exercise is very fun for all family members. The available games are specifically designed to train different parts of your brain. There are options that allow you to increase the level of difficulty and track brain development during the game. This Android and iOS application is available in free and paid versions.


Spyzie (as the name suggests Spy) is the best free cell phone tapping application. By using this family app, we can find out all the information needed from the cell phone that we tapped, such as technical character, battery percentage, exact location of the target (current or last), call record, summary of all activities, photos, messages, search history internet, everything. Surely you will think “Wow, this application is very dangerous”. Of course this application is a danger if used irresponsibly, this also applies to all other applications. But many of the benefits we get from this application when used properly. For example, by using this application, we can find out and monitor cellphones used by our children, spouses, families, and employees. This application is also known to prevent acts of crime against children when not with us by knowing the location of the tapped cellphones.

Family Library
Today’s families have high intimacy with smartphones and other electronic devices. No wonder the family of six has six smartphones and six laptops. However, it is also possible that all family members have the same frequency about television series, games, and other paid applications. If everything downloads and pays for itself, it would be inefficient if viewed from a financial perspective.

Google offers a cost-effective solution while still upholding the access of each individual family member to the Family Library. In essence, Family Library is a family app that allows a family to share paid applications on the Google Play Store. Just one who buys, then everyone can enjoy. When the father buys application A, all family members can also access the application or download it for free. Similarly, if the mother buys paid games, movies, television series, music, or e-books from the Google Play Store, all members included as family can enjoy it. The only condition is that each member has their own Google account. Furthermore, the father or mother can simply enter their children’s accounts into the Family Library members when they want to buy an application. Each family member can open applications or films via smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere and anytime.