TikTok Revenue and Usage Statistics (2019)

TikTok was propelled at first as Douyin in China in September 2016. It was pushed out comprehensively as TikTok the next year.

The TikTok application enables clients to make 15 second recordings, soundtracked by music cuts. Sounds basic enough, yet it’s an uncontrollably well known idea. The application was the most downloaded free iOS application over the primary portion of 2018. Starting late September 2018, TikTok likewise turned into the most-downloaded free application on the Apple App Store in the US, and furthermore positioned first on Google Play over October.

It’s not simply on the planet’s two greatest economies where TikTok has demonstrated prevalent, be that as it may. Tallying both Apple App Store and Google Play download details, TikTok positioned third on the planet as of November 2018. It has been in the worldwide best four since at any rate June 2018.

TikTok/Douyin parent organization ByteDance additionally possesses tremendously well known Chinese AI-fueled news total stage Toutiao, made by CEO Zhang Yiming at 29 years old in 2012. Eminently, he was not sponsored by either Alibaba or Tencent, which moved back its own endeavor to push lead item WeChat to a global gathering of people.

In November 2017 ByteDance obtained the prevalent (likewise China-based) Musical.ly application for a revealed $1 billion, which correspondingly gave a short video-based web based life administration. TikTok was converged with Musical.ly application in August 2018, with application clients’ records relocated to their TikTok accounts. This was viewed as a route for the Chinese application to enter the US advertises – with Musical.ly as of now flaunting a significant American group of onlookers.

TikTok/Douyin (and some time ago Musical.ly) clients utilize the application to a great extent to make, offer, and view content based around lip synchronizing, moving, satire plays, and other physical exercises. Obviously, this is something that interests to youngsters (and many more seasoned ones) around the globe, with application snowballing in ubiquity more than 2018.

Will 2019 additionally be TikTok’s year? Peruse on to discover what we know so far about the short video application.

Chapter by chapter guide

TikTok is accessible in 150 markets, in 75 dialects 500 million TikTok month to month dynamic clients all around, as of June 2018, 800 million introduces of TikTok as of October 2018 (excluding Android clients in China) 80 million US downloads of TikTok as of October 2018, with a functioning client tally of 40 million as indicated by Google Play Store download details, TikTok was downloaded 9 million times over October 2018, TikTok was downloaded 68 million times worldwide in October 2018 – making it the third most-downloaded application all around in H1 2018.

TikTok was downloaded multiple times on the Apple App Store, more than some other application over a similar period in late September 2018, TikTok represented 30% of App Store downloads of best positioning applications (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat), ascending to 42% per month later TikTok commitment levels were, be that as it may, essentially lower, at 29%, contrasted with 95% upwards for opponent applications.

TikTok converged with Musical.ly in August 2018, which at the time had more than 100 million month to month dynamic clients in China, Douyin (TikTok for the Chinese market), detailed 400 million month to month dynamic clients, half of which were dynamic day by day.

Short video applications represent 9% of online time in China Douyin directions advertise infiltration of 30% in China (June 2018). As indicated by one investigation, around 33% of Douyin clients are matured 20-24, a little more than a quarter fall into the 25-29 section, and 20% are under 20; another shows 40% of clients falling into the 25-30 section around 66% of Douyin clients and substance makers separately are female 82% of Douyin clients utilize the application to discover entertaining recordings, with ability (56%) and day by day life (54.1%) the following most well known classes.

Most-pursued TikTok account is German twins Lisa and Lena, with 31.5 million devotees; most-pursued Douyin account has a place with on-screen character Chen He (50.7 million). TikTok clients go through a normal 52 minutes out of every day on the application Douyin clients open the application four or five times each day, utilizing it for around 30 minutes every day.

TikTok acquired $3.5 million in income more than 2017, 42% of which originated from the US, 39% from China (barring Chinese Android clients). Parent organization ByteDance acquired $2.5 billion income in 2017, ByteDance esteemed at $75 billion, making it the world’s most exceedingly esteemed secretly held startup Speculators driven by SoftBank put $3 billion in ByteDance in October 2018.

TikTok User Statistics

TikTok is accessible in more than 150 markets far and wide, in 75 dialects. The most recent accessible measurements demonstrate that there are 500 million TikTok clients around the globe (month to month dynamic clients). This was the situation in the June 2018, so the figure is more than liable to be fundamentally higher by this point. It had been introduced 800 million times by October 2018 (excluding Android clients in China).

By method for examination, Instagram could flaunt 1 billion month to month dynamic clients now, with Instagram Stories enrolling 400 million day by day clients. These are additionally the most recent accessible insights.

As per information gave to CNBC by showcasing knowledge firm Sensor Tower, TikTok was downloaded 104 million times on the Apple App Store over the main portion of 2018. This makes it the most downloaded application on the stage over this period.

Most downloaded applications on Apple App Store, H1 2018

Going similar as far as possible of the second quarter of 2018, we can see a tremendous flood in downloads of TikTok (and the in the long run retained Musical.ly). A slight log jam happens somewhere in the range of Q1 and Q2 2018; however with more than 50 million downloads in the last mentioned, it’s not the most calamitous of decreases.

We should take note of that these figures happen before TikTok enlisted its best position as far as US iOS downloads in October 2018, and the Musical.ly merger, so the development bend is probably going to have heartily recouped after this blip.

TikTok download volume on Apple App Store, Q1 2017-Q2 2018 (counting Musical.ly)

The August 2018 merger with Musical.ly gave a considerable lift to dynamic clients of the stage. Musical.ly, it ought to be noted was an enormously well known application – which had topped iOS free download diagrams in 19 nations and checked 100 million month to month dynamic clients. This was an unmistakable piece of TikTok’s procedure to develop its abroad userbase to over half.

This was not simply fueled by unadulterated energy over new usefulness for Musical.ly clients; Apptopia reports a huge increment in promoting spend by ByteDance in the months following the merger (something not unnoticed by the online commentariat).

ByteDance promoting spend following TikTok/Musical.ly union

In China, Douyin’s month to month dynamic client include remained at 300 million in June 2018, with 150 million of these signing into Douyin regularly. This expanded to 400 million month to month dynamic clients, and 200 million day by day dynamic clients by November of that year, as indicated by Chinese media reports. The short video position all in all is enormous business in China, representing 9% of online time on the planet’s most-crowded country.

As per Miaozhen information distributed by WalktheChat, Douyin surpassed Kuaishou in Q1 2018 to end up the most well known short video application in the nation (prominently they demonstrate a lower absolute, be that as it may, than the authoritatively revealed one above).

Douyin versus other short video applications in China, day by day dynamic clients

A similar report puts Douyin’s dimension of market infiltration at 30%, as of June 2018, contrasted and Kuaishou’s 25%.

Obviously, as we definitely know, it’s not simply in its home market that TikTok/Douyin has accomplished the status of online life backbone.

As indicated by App Annie figures taking a gander at Apple App Store and Google Play download insights, refered to in eMarketer, TikTok positioned second in the US in October and November 2018. Paving the way to this point, it had bit by bit been climbing the outlines. Altogether, the application had been downloaded and introduced 80 million times in the US, with a functioning client tally of 40 million (as indicated by Apptopia).

The rankings distributed in eMarketer demonstrate that, comprehensively, it positioned third – a position it had recently involved in June. From that point forward, it had been enrolling fourth spot reliably, before moving once more into the main three. TikTok was downloaded more than 68 million times worldwide in October 2018.

Worldwide and US TikTok download rank

In the event that we take a gander at Apple App Store figures, TikTok positioned number one as far as downloads in the US in October 2018 (6 million); it moved into best spot as of September 29th 2018. As indicated by Sensor Tower information, the quantity of downloads was expanding in this market, further establishing this best status. As side note here, Apptopia reports that 80% of TikTok sessions are on an Android gadget (this does not really delay with different reports).

TikTok US iOS downloads versus other mainstream applications

As of September 29th 2018, on the off chance that we consider just downloads of TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, TikTok could make a case for 30% of App Store downloads. Before the month’s over, this extent had expanded to 42%.

Hoping to Google Play details, TikTok enlisted more than 9 million downloads in the US over October, putting it serenely in the lead position with about 1.5 million more downloads than Facebook Messenger, and almost three fold the number of as third-set Snapchat.

US TikTok Google Play downloads, October 2018

Returning a stage to take a more extensive view, Google Trends information demonstrates a prominently abnormal state of TikTok use in Southeast Asia.

TikTok worldwide downloads

Taking a gander at a scope of Southeast and East Asian markets, we can see that TikTok appreciates a high Google Play rank – particularly in the event that we thin the investigation to video player applications.

These details go back to March 2018, quite before TikTok was prohibited in Indonesia (see TikTok debates underneath). These business sectors are noted for having youthful populaces, which means an expansive planned client base for TikTok.

TikTok rank crosswise over Southeast Asian markets

A later examination from App Annie (distributed by Tech in Asia) of TikTok’s Google Play download rank in Asia indicates it exceeding Instagram crosswise over Asia, except for pre-boycott Indonesia. In five of these business sectors it asserts the best spot.

TikTok application rank in Asian markets

Remarkably, Instagram’s parent organization, Facebook – never known to lay on its trees notwithstanding rivalry – reported it was building an independent application known as Lasso, which expects to straightforwardly test TikTok for an offer of the Generation Z showcase. Tether propelled in November 2018.

TikTok socioeconomics

Information gotten by App Ape Lab demonstrates that the most noteworthy centralization of TikTok use happens among adolescent (or more youthful) clients, trailed by those in their 20s. This information (source obscure) does not demonstrate a strict descending bend with expanding age, with 40-somethings surpassing 30-somethings. Strangely, this specific dataset demonstrates a higher dominance of male than female clients (as of March 2018).

TikTok clients by age and sexual orientation

As indicated by Jiguang information distributed by computerized office WalktheChat, Chinese clients of Douyin are moderately spread out over the nation. A moderately little level of clients live in ‘level 1’ urban areas (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzen, and so forth), however these urban areas just speak to a restricted extent of China’s colossal populace.

In general terms, in any case, the greatest rates of clients originate from purported level 2 urban communities (Nanjing, Chonqing, Dalian, and so on) and level 4 urban areas (littler urban communities – by Chinese norms in any event), which both make a case for a little more than 33% of clients.

Where do Douyin clients live in China?

Separating it by individual city, the most crowded urban areas top the rundown, obviously, with Beijing driving Shanghai.

Top Chinese urban communities for Douyin use strikingly the extent of Douyin clients living in the greatest urban areas fell essentially between March-May 2017 and March-May 2018. Littler urban areas, then again, saw development in Douyin utilization over this period. The rates recorded here are drawn from an alternate informational index and don’t exactly hesitate with those above. It ought to likewise be noticed that the level framework is nonofficial, with more than one rendition being utilized.

Move in Douyin clients’ geological base

As far as age gatherings, we locate the most elevated prevalence of clients fall into the 20-24 age gathering (around a third), trailed by 25-29, representing a little over a quarter. One out of five clients is yet to reach to their twentieth birthday celebration.

Period of Chinese Douyin clients

This spread speaks to something of a statistic move. Starting at July 2017, clients younger than 25 spoke to simply over portion of clients. By February of 2018, this had dropped to 32% – which still abandons it as the biggest age statistic, if not by so liberal an edge.

The best development over this period came in the 25-30 statistic, which has dramatically increased since to represent almost a fourth of clients, surpassing the 31-35 section of clients in late 2017. The last has likewise developed, however not exactly as drastically, attracting level February 2018 (the end purpose of this examination)

Changing age socioeconomics of Douyin Users in China

As indicated by the application’s makers, then again, starting at early June 2018, 40% of clients fell into the 25-30 section – surpassing 18-multi year olds as the most various clients of the application. Dissimilar to the above investigation of TikTok clients, we locate a far more noteworthy extent of female clients of Douyin in China: around 66%.

Sexual orientation breakdown of Chinese Douyin clients

As far as who distributes content on Douyin, we see a similar sexual orientation split we saw above, with female Douyin clients undeniably more dynamic than their male companions. Of these, the 21-multi year old gathering were by a wide margin the most dynamic, representing half of the substance posted by ladies or young ladies.

The equivalent applies on the male side, however not exactly so unmistakably, with more established male substance publications representing the distinction.

Douyin content distributer socioeconomics

In the event that we separate substance blurbs in an unexpected way, we see that ordinary clients represent barely short of half of substance posted. Web VIPs post another third, with disconnected VIPs and brands (a piffling 4%) posting the rest.

Who distributes content on Douyin?

As per Tencent Market Insight, refered to via Sean Wang on Medium, 82% of TikTok/Douyin clients are searching for entertaining recordings, with ability (56%) and day by day life (54.1%) the following most famous classes. A similar report demonstrates that a more prominent extent of designers were keen on attempting the application out for themselves (78%) than were endeavoring to get supporters (16%) – remember the essential squeeze of salt fundamental for self-revealed information.

As far as substance, the application organizes an in-house curated feed over a records pursued feed. Likewise, just 23% of clients utilize the last capacity – something which may be of note to brands or different clients endeavoring to pick up footing on the stage.

Top TikTok clients

Similarly as with any popular application, TikTok can tally various VIP clients. In the US, these incorporate comic and Tonight Show moderator Jimmy Fallon and star skateboarder Tony Hawk. The previous’ recordings have been seen more than 10 million times. Fallon’s #tumbleweedchallenge approached watchers to move along on the floor like tumbleweed joined by music; over the course of about seven days, the test pulled in 8,000 entries and 10.4 million commitment. This was the best dimension of commitment produced by any such ‘challenge’ on the stage.

The honor of most-mainstream client – or clients we should state – on TikTok goes to Germany’s Lisa and Lena, with 31.5 million devotees as of mid-October 2018. The twins (additionally huge on Instagram) are known for their lip-adjusted clasps, and even discharged their very own solitary in July 2017. They’re trailed by Loren Gray (29.4 million) and Baby Ariel (29.1 million).

Not in any case Lisa and Lena can contend with best Douyin client, performing artist Chen He, in any case – who flaunts a gigantic 50.7 million adherents. He is trailed by Dilraba Dilmurat (46.7 million) and Liu Erdou (43.9 million)

Outside of the positions of the rich or potentially celebrated, the application is additionally allegedly famous among medical attendants, firemen, and individuals from the US armed force.

TikTok Usage Statistics

As per funding firm Kleiner Perkins, TikTok clients go through 52 minutes of the day utilizing the application.

AppTopia reports, in any case, that while TikTok may have been in a predominant position in the US as far as download volume in October 2018, it was not contending regarding commitment with its increasingly settled adversaries.

TikTok’s commitment rate in the US now remained at 29%, which fails to measure up to Facebook’s 96%, Instagram’s 95%, or YouTube’s 95%. Without a doubt, even the debilitated Snapchat posted a figure of 95%. The measurement utilized here is the extent of month to month clients who are every day clients.

TikTok commitment versus other social applications

The takeover and ensuing converging of Musical.ly and TikTok appears to have significantly affected the day by day use of the application. Apptopia report that between early August and late October 2018, TikTok sessions ascended from 58 million every day to more than 70 million.

These insights imply to demonstrate a worldwide figure. Once more, they don’t appear to incorporate China, in any case, where 200 million dynamic every day clients of Douyin would about fourfold this aggregate.

TikTok every day sessions

Apptopia additionally take a gander at client maintenance. Here, TikTok admissions all around contrasted with internet based life midpoints, with 10% of downloaders proceeding to utilize the application 30 days in the wake of downloading. The internet based life normal is 4%. This additionally thinks about well to Snapchat – an immediate adversary in the short video cuts showcase through its Stories work.

An examination distributed by Tencent Market Insight (refered to via Sean Wang on Medium) discovered 48% of clients who quit utilizing the application did as such in view of the absence of assortment in the substance distributed.

TikTok client maintenance in the US

Primate App Lap report that TikTok clients sign into the application 43 times each day – averaging out at around multiple times per waking hour. This contrasts and a normal of 16 Twitter logins every day.

As per their figures, simply over 40% of clients open the application 21-50 times each day, with near 30% additionally opening it multiple times or more.

(they-hub in the underneath chart indicates level of clients, the x-pivot is times the application is opened).

TikTok day by day open rate

Less emotional figures identifying with Douyin in China report four or five opens for each day, with around thirty minutes out of every day spent on the application (these figures go back to Q3 2017).

TikTok discussions

Two vacationers got into high temp water in the wake of posting clasps of themselves harming a multi year-old landform in China’s Gansu Province. The recordings circulated around the web, bringing about the pair (matured 20 and 17) transforming themselves into the police.

Chinese online media juggernaut Tencent has impaired connecting to short video destinations incorporating Douyin on WeChat in what is professed to be a move against the sharing of improper substance. This is something of a blow for TikTok, with 56% of new clients supposedly downloading the application in the wake of seeing recordings shared on different stages conveying the TikTok watermark.

This is a piece of a more extensive fight between the two computerized stables, the two of which have recorded claims against one another for maligning and out of line rivalry. Zhang Yiming was likewise associated with an open spat with Tencent CEO Pony Ma.

Charges of wrong substance can have genuine repercussions in China: TikTok’s ByteDance stablemate Neihan Duanzi (a joke-sharing application) did not endure claims of this nature. Toutaio was likewise briefly expelled from application stores in China in the wake of falling foul of controls.

State paper People’s Daily called for more tightly guidelines, after clients were harmed participating in Douyin challenges. China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism additionally disagreed with a comic distributed ByteDance, which they asserted misshaped Chinese history (brought down with an expression of remorse).

It appears, in any case, that ByteDance is on the correct side of the experts at present, with Zhang Yiming including on the state-embraced All China Federation of Industry and Commerce’s best 100 business people of the most recent 40 years rundown.

Saying this doesn’t imply that there are not impressive issues. While clients should be something like 16, numerous more youthful clients have been accounted for. A few, as announced in South China Morning Post, putting themselves in danger and making improper or potentially stressing substance. Bad habit likewise reports a culture of clients scanning for and requesting sexual pictures of underage clients.

With fears that youngsters may spend too much time utilizing applications, Tik Tok contains a computerized prosperity part which cautions clients when they’ve been utilizing the application for more than two hours.

TikTok has been prohibited by and large in Indonesia and Pakistan, on its grounds having an ‘antagonistic impact’ on youngsters.

TikTok Revenue Statistics

TikTok does not highlight paid publicizing at this stage, and is allowed to-utilize. It does, nonetheless, highlight in-application buys, for example, emoticons and advanced endowments. As of October 2018, these were getting $3.5 million every month. This speaks to a 275% expansion over October 2017 income.

TikTok month to month income

Around 42% of this income – or $1.5 million – originated from the US, where the expansion in spending estimates 144%. This equitable overwhelms spending in China, which at $1.4 million speaks to 39% of the aggregate. Prominently, be that as it may, Chinese Android clients were excluded in the aggregate, so we can securely expect that ByteDance’s nation of origin is the main wellspring of income. Altogether, clients had burned through $50 million on TikTok/Douyin as of the finish of October 2018.

These figures, obviously, are moderately unimportant – and the topic of how TikTok will come to make any cash stays unanswered starting at yet.

Chinese income is additionally reinforced by a key contrast among Douyin and TikTok, which is the previous, incorporates paid publicizing. Short-structure video is a development territory in China as far as income. iResearch Consulting Group gauge that around $2 billion in income was acquired by these applications more than 2018 (RMB 14 billion). This would speak to 521% development more than 2018. They foresee we’ll keep on observing solid development more than 2019 and 2020, though at an increasingly maintainable rate of 134% and 71% individually. This would result in income of $4.8 billion and $8.2 generally.

ByteDance is accounted for have acquired $2.5 billion of income altogether more than 2017, and was accounted for to target $7.2 billion more than 2018. It is yet to turn a benefit.

ByteDance valuation

Just as TikTok/Douyin, parent organization ByteDance claims the Chinese AI-fueled news aggregator Toutiao. Toutiao could make a case for 120 million day by day dynamic clients (as of September 2017), and is separated from everyone else esteemed at $20 billion.

Appropriately, ByteDance earned the position of the world’s most-exceedingly esteemed private startup, with a valuation of $75 billion in October 2018 (crawling past Uber’s most recent valuation of $72 billion).

An IPO has been touted for some point in 2019.

  • ByteDance financing rounds

ByteDance’s tremendous valuation returned on the of a financing round which saw speculators driven by SoftBank contribute $3 billion. This is the main financing round detailed by Crunchbase to date.

  • Last musings

TikTok is by all accounts one of those applications that isolates the old from the youthful. Maybe an ongoing spate of explainer articles will have accomplished something to cross over any barrier, however absolutely numerous more seasoned clients will have been left scratching their heads at the ascent of this secretive application.

Short clasps set to ambient sounds, in any case, particularly appear to be the request of the day among more youthful ages, with TikTok at the fore.

As we’ve seen with Snapchat, be that as it may, no air pocket is safe to blasting (or having 10-figure totals cleared off its esteem following a superstar tweet). Regardless of whether this energy can be supported in light of adversaries that might not have even propelled yet stays to be seen. TikTok will likewise have guarantee that it dodges outrage. Tending to wellbeing concerns will be fundamental.

The other test, similarly as with all exceptionally esteemed new companies, is gainfulness. With no reasonable monetisation technique set up, how ByteDance approaches this in the keep running up to any IPO will be of extraordinary worry to industry onlookers and potential financial specialists (Fortnite has, in any case, demonstrated that applications can flourish with basically useless in-application buys).

This, obviously, will place it in direct challenge with local adversaries Alibaba and Tencent. With development in the Chinese market abating, this can possibly seriously harm the possibilities of one of the three online behemoths.

ByteDance makes them thing over its better-settled adversaries, in any case, and that will be that it is the first to have prevailing with regards to getting a toehold abroad. Securing a formerly settled brand in Musical.ly resembles a masterstroke in such manner, and no little measure of credit is expected for effectively solidifying the brands without losing clients.

This internationalization may demonstrate a vital preferred standpoint just as a reinforcement plan in the event that it leaves this challenge gravely – or, in reality, it falls foul of Chinese experts. Difficulties are, obviously, not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone’s mind for any application that tries to predominance. On this proof, TikTok positively has a place with that class.