Top 10 Android Apps 2018

The App and brands of upcoming android technology and making sure to know the specifications and details which are essential to know, so as the latest and upcoming and apple and android mobile app for  pictures and snaps of mobile newly launched and presented to be purchased and manage our needs with them. You will also get the prices and compatible affordable rates for every single person of the world.

I Weather

It is best as arguably weather app now there and it is completely included with the features a very simple and paginated design that express the current weather and its details. It is also forecast for up to 3 months, as radar and to the different fun stats with it. So as it is with the unique things to explore.

The Google Drive Suite

Now the Google Drive is a cloud saving and better solution the access on the Android where all kind of the users take the free 15GB without any kind of cost and it is unstopping upon the signing up or with the registration. It is best as supporting for the Microsoft Office has really similar setup along with the one Drive and also office.

Google Maps

It is really benefit that Google Maps as virtually and owns the apps about navigation scene and it actually remains of the strong and helpful android apps ever for us. It is about the helps and support for you as which involves the tons of its unique functions and features and you actually would not get the other various navigation apps also.

Google Assistant

The Google support and Assistant is one of the best and powerful android app and actually works on the most of the Android phones and mobiles. People can simply get the app and actually enable it and can ask it whatever as you needed. Main thing is that it also helps you and support a different collection of the commands and actions.

The Google Play Music & YouTube

If we do not suggest the streaming benefit of videos and movies then Google Play Music and the playing of videos has actually their preferences and attraction. It is also saying all about that and one is better than the other is a complete matter suggestions and opinions at this status. It is best as playing the music and video streaming using android app the Google Play Music.

The LastPass Password Manager

For us the LastPass we have one of the best apps for us and Android apps easily and it actually being used like the password manger actually lets you save the login and the credentials into the safe and sound things the secure way and completely with safe.

The Nova Launcher

Originally people actually not to put any kind of the launchers onto the list and then the Nova Launcher looks to be as extend and right beyond the different other launchers are working. Now it’s been around the years and been consistently upgraded and also not been the helpful options for a launcher and replacement of functions.

The Pocket Casts

Actually there are lots of apps and people who enjoy the podcasts mostly have the simplest decision into the regards to which the podcast app for us and must use also. With the detail of answer to that particular interrogations and questions about is necessary. As insanely stable and good featured app nicely allows you to get or stream the app enjoyment.

Solid Explorer

It is really file browsing very easy and simple so that some kind of the thing inevitably has to complete and then you might as well do and perfectly capably, useful, fantastic and compatible for using it. The Solid Explorer we use is pretty much as good as it gets into the exploring the file.

The SwiftKey

It is best for typing and SwiftKey is about Keyboard is one the most powerful and strongest as the third party keyboard presented for you. It actually hit the market and several years ago and with the predictive support as unlike the other things in any kind of the keyboard we have.

The Tasker

It is a glorious app and if you actually have the patience to get learn how to use the particular application and it does allows users to get perfect custom made commands and use them in different types of spaces. The tasker is very useful for the android apps.

Textra Android App

All kind of the phones actually come and with the unique texting applications we have. Some kind of the applications and tiny apps is among the most helpful apps available. This is the thing basics well and nicely contributed for your texts and SMS and the MMS to our friends and family.

Ticktick Android Application

This app is helpful as lets you share the things and task as entire and categories and types with the people you want and you needed. It may be the best one if you want some kind of the quick share and exchange with each other with the mutual friends.

The Wallpaper Craft 4K Wallpapers

It is almost certainly we have best app right now and features tons of the wallpapers with the applicable resolutions and pixels. So the images you can see are for your best screen resolution and take all the important and featured guess work out nicely.


There are actually brilliant app collections we may found into the internet but main thing is that but certainly not as the ordinary one here. Now this is a wallpapers, tones, notifications and also the tones of alarm app that actually available for us. It promotes the various things and items holiday’s seasons making it easy to theme the phone on events.

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