Top 10 Business Apps

If you are working hard to running your business no matter big or small so let your mobile, android or Smartphone or the tablet supports you by downloading the good apps. We have presented here variety of the variables to consider. All the apps available here as free and include the team size, volume of the business, how the app scales demand and lots of the stuff including.


The Asana is those kind of apps every person should try it and it is to have perfect management of things. Best as assign tasks to all of the people and you can add as lots of subsections as required as task directly and add further more comments as giving as attached.


Dealing with the best business transactions we mostly need to scan our documents and send them, exchange them or submit them so the CamScanner. Best thing is that it is also being used as the useful tool for us and also turns your camera into a scanner and lets you scan any of your business cards, documents, receipts etc.

Google Drive Suite

People who are running small business and want to grow it faster then they probably need support for the documents, presentations, PDF’s, notes and he spreadsheets with a lot more. Google Drive Suite is best for giving them the options as they can have all anywhere and they can move anytime.

Google My Business

The app named as Google My Business assists to make business more visible to Search Engine and in Google Maps. Such great potential sources for the business and to support your business will actually important for us to run the business through successful circumstances and it is possible only due to Google My Business app.

Microsoft Office Suite

Each one business of the world needs documentations and security of papers they prepare and establish through the transactions. There is the only app Microsoft Office Suite will give you the options to manage and maintain each and every single document required.

Newton Mail

Probably the best as faster mailing app and to give you all your mails and able to make you reply quickly anywhere into the world through Newton Mail is like dream come true. More is that it comes exactly with the support for other apps and services as the social sites like evemote, todist, zendesk and the linkedin etc.


It is the strongest business apps especially for the small business trade and to medium sized business we have. With the PayPal a huge number of the businesses use way of transactions of money and funds to transfer, invoices, and dealings.


Undoubtedly the Slack is one of the amazing apps we have and it is kind of real support for the small business and to the industrialists. There are some best features included as it is clean, simple interface, multiple channels, conferences calls and lots of sharing with Slack.

Square Register

If you want to boost your business in couple of months then square Register app is best for small business, mobile business and for entrepreneurs in all over the world. It is must as a simple point of sale system and to deliver the best things to its users.

Authenticator App

With the two steps of verification we will have absolute beneficial app as the Authenticator app and it will present hackers from getting the data. The Authenticator app will also keep your all files, contacts and information safer. There are lots of apps on the Google you may find but if you need the real one get here as free.

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