WhatsApp Plus app

WhatsApp Plus App Download

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps with over a billion users from different corners of the continent. It has helped to simplify communication because there is a wide range of features on the app you can use to stay in touch with friends, loved ones, and other people. You can send texts, voice notes, documents, media, and even make video calls using this messaging app. It has made communication easier and more affordable because you don’t have to spend much of your money which is the case when making standard calls.

Several WhatsApp modifications have been developed over the recent years. These are apps similar to the original version but have extra features. Common examples include Whatsapp Plus, GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp. WhatsApp plus is one of the most popular modifications of the original app you will come across. It has a wide range of features that make it stand out from the original version of the app. Some of the features you will come across include the freeze last seen option, hiding blue ticks, double ticks and also status viewing.

WhatsApp plus has a wide range of themes that ensure you have the best user experience with the app. There has been a crackdown on these WhatsApp mods with most of them getting banned completely. Developers of the original app complained about these mods violating their terms of service and also putting user data at risk. Different people who are using WhatsApp mods have been warned to stop using them or risk a permanent ban. WhatsApp PL is still available and you can get it from several platforms.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus

The WhatsApp Plus app download is not available on play store. However, you can get it from different third-party sources where you will download an APK file and finish up with the download. The first thing you should do is look for a trusted APK source with a file of the WhatsApp mod. There are so many of them you will come across. Do your research to establish which one is the best. After getting a good APK site, you should search for WhatsApp plus to get the latest version of the app. 

Other older versions of the app will appear in your search results. Download the latest to enjoy new features introduced in their update. You can read the description of the app and more about it before proceeding to download. Your download will take a few minutes because this is not a large file. Once it is complete, you can carry on with installation to have the app on your device. The installation process is easy. What you have to do is allow your device to install applications from unknown sources by changing it on your settings. This way you can install apps from sources other than the play store. 

Look for the file you downloaded and install it. It is a process that will take a few minutes before it is complete. You can now open and launch the app on your device. It is that simple. When registering an account with WhatsApp plus, make sure the number you are using is not registered to another active WhatsApp account. The good thing about these modifications is that you can have them together with the original version of the app on your device.  This is ideal for those who prefer having two different accounts registered under their primary and secondary numbers. Some of the features in WhatsApp Plus promote privacy and helps you avoid unwanted conversations. You should download the app to enjoy the benefits.