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What Is WhatsApp Web, How Can I Download?

It is no secret that WhatsApp has helped improve communication among different people. Many are now ditching normal phone calls for internet calls and video calls which they can make through the app. It also has other features that help enable you to share media and documents to various people. 9 out of every 10 people have WhatsApp installed on their devices. It does not take much space, and you can use from your mobile devices or PC. 

WhatsApp Web is a version of the app that is meant for PCs. It is similar to that used in Android devices and you can have it on your Windows or Mac device. There are two main options of using Whatsapp Web on your PC. You can link your account directly through the browser version or download the desktop application. All of them are convenient means of using the messaging app.

How to Download WhatsApp Web

Getting the WhatsApp Web Download on your device is a straightforward procedure. Here is how you should go about it.

Visit the WhatsApp Website

The first thing you should do is visit the WhatsApp website by searching it on your browser. Several other sites have the WhatsApp web version, but it is much safer to get it from the site. After opening the site, you will come across a menu with several options listed. WhatsApp web and Downloads are part of the menu. The WhatsApp Web option is for those who want to enjoy using the web version of the app on the browser while the download option is for those who wish to have a desktop version on their devices. 


You should click the download option on the Whatsapp Website menu or you can visit the page directly at www.whatsapp.com/download/. Results of different download options you want to try will be displayed on your page. Both PC and mobile versions will appear on your page. You should closely look at the PC option where you have the option of downloading WhatsApp for Mac or Windows PC depending on the device you are using. Do click the ‘Download’ option below to get the set up on your device. This will take a few minutes before you get the setup file on your device. 


It is the final procedure before launching this version of WhatsApp on your desktop. Look for the downloaded WhatsApp setup file to begin the installation. Open it and click ‘Accept’ to finish app with the installation. You will now have the desktop app on your device and proceed with registering your account. 

The process of connecting your account to the original version of the app is straightforward. After launching the desktop app, open WhatsApp on your device then go to options which is usually indicated by three dots on the top right corner of the app on your mobile device. Clicking it will bring a dropdown menu with a variety of options WhatsApp Web being one of them. You should click the WhatsApp web option which will bring a quick response (QR) code scanner. 

Scanning the QR code on the downloaded desktop version with the scanner on your WhatsApp mobile will link your account, and you are able to enjoy using the app on your device. The WhatsApp Web Download is quite beneficial because it helps reduce the inconvenience of having to check on your phone all the time when using your PC. You can do all the tasks straight from your desktop device and minimize the inconvenience. How about you download the web version and enjoy the benefits.