Which is better: IITs or BITS Pilani?

If you are an engineering aspirant, then this question might have popped up in your mind sometime. Well, why not, as an aspirant it’s natural to be curious about renowned engineering colleges and to look for information related to them.

IITs and the BITS (Pilani) are both premier and renowned Engineering colleges of the country for which lakhs of aspirants fight it out each year. IITs follow a two-stage examination whereby JEE Main qualifying candidates are put to test in JEE Advanced and finally a few thousand qualified candidates get to join the IITs.

BITS on its part conducts BITSAT as a national level engineering entrance exam for inducting candidates into engineering courses offered by its various campuses. Out of a number of candidates taking the test only a selected few get a chance to join the BITS.

Now, if you want to compare these two prime engineering institutions then it has to be based on certain parameters and stats. Worry not we have done all the hard work and you just need to sit back and read till the end to get the required comparative analysis. So, let’s get started.

Exam Takers

In terms of exam takers, IITs take the lead as there are more number of seats and colleges at stake. With 20 plus IITs filling their 11,000 odd seats through the JEE Advanced exam 2.24 lakh candidates take the test.

These 2.24 lakh candidates (Top 2.24 lakh candidates qualifying JEE Main exam) come after qualifying the JEE Main examination which is the first stage of the examination process for admission into IITs. The JEE Main exam is taken by around 12 lakh candidates annually.

BITSAT is a single stage examination (unlike the two-stage examination process for IITs) and the candidates qualifying the test are granted admission in accordance with the merit list. Since there are around 2,000 seats (including all campuses) to be filled in BITS through BITSAT the number of candidates taking the exam is around 3 lakh.

Quality of teaching staff

IITs being government institutions house many professors and assistant professors who are a part of research teams in national and international level institutes. Professors in IITs have a rich experience of 30-40 years in their respective field and can offer quality education to the budding engineers. However, amongst all good shortage of faculty is an issue that IITs face.

BITS being a private institution have that luxury to get the best of faculties from across India and abroad on its board by offering lucrative salary packages. In terms of quality of faculty members BITS houses a mix of young and experienced staff that can offer a quality of teaching services.

Packages offered to students

The average salary package offered to students from IITs stands at around 7.25 lakhs to 7.40 lakhs per annum. For domestic jobs, the highest salary packages can spur up to around 40 lakhs to 42 lakhs per annum. In case of International job offers the packages can extend up to crore or two crores per annum.

BITS in its annual placement report revealed that the average salary package that its students bagged was around 9.70 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum. In terms of domestic job packages, the highest package was pegged around 40 lakhs per annum. In terms of International job packages, the average package was around 45 lakhs to 46 lakhs per annum.


In terms of infrastructure, the old IITs are at par with the infrastructure at best of the colleges across the country. However, in newly opened IITs the quality of infrastructure is not that appealing.

BITS has a world-class engineering education infrastructure that is upgraded by the Institute from time to time. The institute spends a good bit of its annual budget to incorporate changes that are required to keep up the infrastructure quotient up.

Now, since you have seen the comparison of both the institutes on respective parameters you might have observed that on some IITs lead and on some BITS. In general, as per the analysis of reviews from students and education experts both the institutes stand on the similar ground in overall terms. Hence, whether its BITS or IIT you can choose any one of them. However, when it comes to fee then BITS tends to be costlier than IITs by virtue of it being private.

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